Wednesday, June 10, 2009

# 128

# 128

On May the 30th, I did My first triathlon. It was Awesome! It started out with tons of excitement and I felt like I was a ten year old boy getting ready for my first ride on Colossus. Sean Martin and I had trained for this throughout the preceding weeks. We started the tri doing a serpentine swim which means you follow in a line one right after the other. it was cool but I got behind some people that "lied" about their times and started a lot sooner than they should have. It was great. The transition to the bike was sub minute and smooth. I was on the bike pedaling and thinking" here we go, Man this Awesome." The ride was 15 miles of pleasure. The saddle became a bit sore around mile 12 but there was no where to go but towards the finish. The course included a good ride along legacy highway. What A treat. As I returned to the transition station I saw my family cheering me on. (What a crew!) It was so fun having a little cheering section. THANKS GUYS! as I began the run section of the the tri my legs were locked and did not want to run. It was such a struggle to get on that pavement and push it to the road. I loved listening to the music as the sun was coming up and people coming out of their houses to begin their days. It was a Magical Moment. I had never ran further than 2 miles so the 3 mile run was a welcomed challenge to push the limits. I came in 25 place from which I started 28. it was fun and had over 100 participants. At the finish line was my support group welcoming back from what felt like self destruction. upon finishing I felt drained but my insides were screaming for more. Talk about a Natural high. I have never been so physically pushed and rewarded. My finishing time was 1 hour 21 min and 22 sec. What an experience!!! Thanks Sean for accomplishing this with me. Thank You Rick for taking Sweet Pictures and Thanks to my Wife for her Love and Support and Jealousy that made me grateful for doing this. TE AMO!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

River Hike and Bath

It started off to be an outing with the kids but as the day got longer, we decided to leave for he trailhead just the two of us.(Heather). The Trail was exciting and full of "summer breeze." We got to the campsite quickly and refreshed with a little exercise. Then the dash back down was incredible. The dashing in and out of the trail and up and down the roller coaster hills made the jog a joy. We made it to the Bath spot(shown here) I went in and within thirty seconds was numb from the cold water and the capacity of its rush. It was so rewarding. After the bath, the quick dress was complete and the journey to the bottom was underway. The weather was beautiful. And the time of night was a perfect selection. The night jog ended with a sit down with 6 deer. Interesting.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Molloy Matters

The Story of Molloy. On a crisp clean day when the sun is right and welcoming and the water is brisk you will find him. He is not a fictional Man but is a magical moment in time. These are the Malloy Matters.